Prince Harry Is “Over the Moon” That Meghan Markle Joined Him at the Invictus Games

“They have been holding hands, cheering competitors on at various matches and games,” Ulrike Grunewald, royal correspondent for ZDF, tells Vanity Fair of the couple’蝉 time in Dusseldorf.?
Prince Harry Is “Over the Moon” That Meghan Markle Joined Him at the Invictus Games
From Chris Jackson/Getty Images for the Invictus Games Foundation.

Meghan Markle’蝉 decision to fly to Germany and support Prince Harry at the Invictus Games has “wiped out” rumors of any marital rift and earned the Duke and Duchess of Sussex a new fan base in Germany.

According to one leading royal commentator, Prince Harry, who turns 39 on Friday, has received a hero’蝉 welcome at the multi-sport event for wounded, injured and sick servicemen and women. Royal correspondent for German network ZDF, Ulrike Grunewald, met with Harry and said he has been in “excellent form” and is “even happier” now that his wife is by his side.?

The Duke and Duchess have been seen holding hands and hugging each other during a volleyball match earlier this week and enjoyed a special dinner at a restaurant in central Dusseldorf on Thursday. Meghan is expected to be with Harry for the star studded closing ceremony.?

According to Grunewald, “The German tabloids have been speculating for a while about the Sussexes’蝉 marriage, it has been all over the popular press that the marriage might be in trouble, but this visit has changed all of that. Now that Meghan is here, he is over the moon. They have been holding hands, cheering competitors on at various matches and games. They seem intimate and very close. Either that or they are very good actors. From where I’ve been watching, they seem very in love.”

The correspondent also said that Harry has won a new fan base both among the military community and the public. “For most Germans, Harry is still Prince Harry and very popular,” she told Vanity Fair. “Certainly here at the games he has been very warmly welcomed. He’蝉 done a lot for the military community in Germany and people really respect him for that.

When it comes to the Invictus community, they are cheering for him. He has the support of the Germans and the Ukrainians. They have acknowledged what he has done for them, and they are very grateful.”

She also said that Harry was relaxed and happy to be at the competition. “It felt like the old Harry was back. He talked to all of us. We had some little toys that we gave for Archie and Lilibet. He said he was enjoying Germany and has a lot of German in him, he was obviously referring to his family heritage.”

However, Harry only agreed to the interview if he was not asked about his family. “The agreement was that he wasn’t going to talk about his family,” Grunewald said. “His whole attitude was ‘this is about them, the competitors.’”

There have been reports that Harry’蝉 fallout with his family has overshadowed the games and divided opinion within the Invictus Community. Reports in the Daily Telegraph have suggested that Harry has received a mixed response from the Invictus Community who feel a divided loyalty between Harry and the royal family. However, sources close to the prince insist he feels welcome and at home with his many friends at Invictus. “He was very relaxed when he arrived for the opening ceremony,” said one insider. “He’蝉 pleased with the coverage and while some might think that his family affairs have overshadowed things, Harry’蝉 focus is firmly on the games and the amazing men and women taking part.”

This year’蝉 Invictus Games has been widely covered around the world and Meghan’蝉 arrival has generated plenty of headlines. “Harry actually wants to be on the sidelines, he’蝉 happy not to be the star attraction when it comes to Invictus. He wants the focus to be on the games and the competitors,” an insider said. “Ultimately when Meghan turns up press interest soars and there is more coverage, that’蝉 the way it is. It’蝉 the same with the Prince and Princess of Wales; when Kate turns up at an event with William it becomes a leading news story.”

While Harry refuses to engage with much of the UK mainstream media he granted an interview to ZDF for a sports program where he was in good form and, according to Grunewald, “just like the old Harry.”

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