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Congress Averts U.S. Government Shutdown With 11th Hour Short-Term Funding Bill

The 45-day reprieve gives Capitol Hill time to hammer out a deal to fund Ukraine but kicks the can down the road.
Musk Migration Musings

“It's called saving lives”: German Government Strikes Back At Elon Musk’s Criticism of Migrant Rescue

The Tesla CEO said video of German NGOs helping migrants on the Mediterranean had “invasion vibes.”

Trump Should Be Under a Gag Order Following Threats Against Gen. Mark Milley: Special Counsel

The former president’s statements imply that a potential witness should be executed.
Levin Report

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Apparently Unconcerned About the Prospect of Helping Reelect Trump, Plans to Run as an Independent: Report

Kennedy reportedly plans to make the announcement next month.
Love and Marriage

Melania Trump Renegotiated Her Prenup in Case Trump’s Legal Problems Bleed Him Dry: Report

“This agreement was necessary because of the current legal battles…[Donald] has suffered.”

Top Republican Donors Have a Hail Mary for 2024: Glenn Youngkin

The party’s elite are reportedly expected to urge him into the fold next month. But with still no presidential momentum to speak of, the governor has about a snowball’s chance in hell of beating Trump.
Biden Impeachment

Surprise: The GOP's First Biden Impeachment Hearing Was a Complete and Utter Flop

The witnesses all but confirmed that House Republicans have no evidence of wrongdoing, only adding to the party’s humiliation amid their disastrous funding standoff.

Dianne Feinstein Dead at 90

A political trailblazer, Feinstein was the first woman to be elected mayor of San Francisco and later became the longest-serving female senator in United States history.
Levin Report

Matt Gaetz and Kevin McCarthy Fiddle (Fight About Online Trolls) While Rome Burns (the Federal Government Prepares to Shut Down)

Oh, well, it’s not like thousands of federal workers are preparing to be furloughed.

Donald Trump, Defender of the Working Class, Tells Striking Autoworkers They’re Not “Picketing for the Right Thing”

The man of the people delivered his speech from a nonunion factory in Michigan.

Trump’s Plans for a Second Term Are So Bad That They Almost Make the First One Look Good

Given how the first one went, you can probably guess why that's a bad thing.

The Senate’s Dress Code Drama Is Finally, Officially Over

Suits are in, shorts are out.

Mark Milley Takes Safety Precautions After Trump Suggests He Should Be Executed

The Army general, whom Trump essentially accused of high treason, said he’s been “faithful and loyal” to the Constitution over his entire 44-plus years of service.
Inside the Hive

Bob Menendez Corruption Scandal Is Testing the Limits of Shame in Politics??

Prominent Democrats are calling on the New Jersey senator to step down following eye-popping allegations and an indictment involving gold bars and envelopes stuffed with cash. But what if he doesn’t?
2024 Election

After Second GOP Debate, Trump's Nomination Couldn't Feel More Inevitable?

Several candidates snuck in some solid jabs at one another. But with the former president still clobbering them in the polls, all the pugilism is, in one word, pointless.?
Legal Woes

Trump’s Habit of Lying About Everything All the Time May Cost Him Trump Tower

A judge has ruled he engaged in years of massive fraud.

Tommy Tuberville Has Taken Another Breathtakingly Bad Stance on Diversity

The Alabama senator wrongly claimed that the military is “not an equal opportunity employer,” arguing that it should work like a “football team I coached.”

Kevin McCarthy’s Juggling Act Can’t Go On Forever

The GOP leader’s failure to control his chaos caucus and avert a likely government shutdown could force him to turn to Democrats—and potentially drive away Republicans. Matt Gaetz tells VF that “McCarthy can’t work with Democrats” and “expect to remain the Republican Speaker.”
GOP Debate

Another Trumpless Debate Is Another Exercise in Futility

Next to no one in the field was willing to take a swing at Trump the first time around. Why should we expect any different from the second?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

Vanity Fair hits the Kennedy family’s Cape Cod compound for a peek into the controversial 2024 candidate’s wet hot American summer.